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Inconformista (layouts for dw)

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Name:Inconformista (layouts for dreamwidth)
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Welcome to inconformista, a layout & graphics community owned by carisma_sensei. For my old layouts and graphics you can take a look at inconformista @ livejournal.

I share my layouts, graphics and designs. You can also find some tumblr themes as well. Here you have some links you can use to quickly navigate this place. Remember that you can use the TAGS to see all that's in here~ Enjoy your stay!


1)Posts are public. But please consider subscribing~
2)Please comment when you take anything.
3)Don't forget to give credit for what you take.
4)Don't redistribute anything from this community, also please don't claim my work as your own.
5)Please, don't edit my graphics.
6)I ask that you don't use the layout overrides to make your own layouts, you may take them and change the header and colours to your own, but still you must give credit.Also PLEASE don't use my overrides to create and redistribute any layouts around the internet, thanks!

more/apply here

The design you are currently seeing is not released yet (but will be soon). It's named Meliora after a Ghost album. Ghost is currently my favourite band and the header also features some of it's members :D If you are a Ghost fan, please send me a comment! Haha.
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