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This is my first entry for [community profile] 10variations! I hope you like these icons because I spent quite some time and because it's Agent Cooper! ♥ Haha. Please don't be shy and participate of the challenge in the community :D

Subject: Dale Cooper (Twin Peaks)
Category: TV Show
Image URL: original here
Set of themes used: Set 1

Agent Dale Cooper )
-Credit [community profile] inconformista.
-Please don't alter the icons or claim them as your own.
-Textless icons are not bases.
-Don't directlink. Download and upload to your own server!!

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I created [community profile] 10variations for Dreamwidth because it was an old concept from Livejournal that I used to love and many people felt inspired by, and I thought it would be nice to recreate it for a better, safer and cleaner platform like Dreamwidth :3

It's a community where you post a batch of 10 icons each time, made out of the same image but all different (according to a set of themes). It's best if you look at the profile to understand the concept! I hope you will like it and participate, I will participate also :3
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If you have any requests for a tutorial you would like me to write for you, here's the place to do so! Just write in a comment what would you like to see a tutorial of, be as precise or as vague as you want, it's up to you :3 Just take into account that I may need some time to write and illustrate the tutorial and that I may even need some documentation prior to the tutorials so let's keep that in mind.

I like helping people out and creating things that make them happy, but I'm a teacher in real life so, as you can expect, I also like to teach people how to do stuff :D You may request a photoshop tutorial (how to create icons from scratch, how to do this or that, I don't know whatever you need), CSS and HTML is also fine although that may be a little bit overwhelming but I can do it, and just take a look around at my stuff and, if you want to learn to do something and need a tutorial for that, request it here!

Note: If I just don't know how to do something and can't explain you, please don't be mad. I'll try to point you to some good tutorials written by others instead :D

-None at the moment!
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Hi! How's everyone? I don't know if there's anyone around who would want or need these screencaps, I don't even know if any of you are fan of Twin Peaks! But I took them for myself and thought I would share them here. They took a looong while to take and select, so please leave a comment if you download them ♥

NoteThese have a watermark of the TV channel who is broadcasting the series, so please take that into account. If you want to make graphics with them you'll need to clean / crop them first ^^

156 Twin Peaks 2017 - Chapter 1 screencaps

I hope you like them and find them useful!
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Transmogrified style
1024x768 resolution or above

Click the thumbnail to preview the layout.

Layout )


Here you can find layouts for dreamwidth and other codings. I take commissions for layouts (DW, LJ, website, Tumblr) and other graphics. If you are interested in commissioning me, you can see examples of my work in this community and visit this post for more information.
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