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I thought some of you may want to commission a design from me. In that case please keep reading, thank you!
Examples of my work: You can visit my website, fiction in fiction, as well as browse my Dreamwidth designs here. I also make Tumblr themes.

Dreamwidth layouts
-Customized version of one of my layouts = 3€
-Transmogrified: 10€

Layout headers
-1€ each.

Livejournal layouts
See this post @ LJ.

Website designs
-Fanlisting sets: DIV design + codes (buttons) = 20€.
-Other website designs: 15€ for a DIV design. Special coding like pop-ups, jquery and other scripts should be discussed first, so please leave a comment for more info!
-Link buttons for free upon request.

Tumblr themes
Ask for pricing according to what type of design you want.

Winamp skins
-6€ for each winamp skin. Won't be shared publicly, only you will get to install it.
-You can get a skin + wallpaper set for 7€!

***Won't be shared publicly, only you will get to install!
***Please comment here for more info!

How to order

1) Fill out the order form (comment on this post, comments are screened).
2) I'll get back to you once i receive your order.
3) Once you agree with the price and details, I will start the design after I receive the payment (to ensure I don't spend the time making your design in vain).

→I only accept payments through Paypal.

4) I will send you screen caps/ previews of how the work is going, to recieve your approvation and be as accurate as posible in my work.
5) When i'm done, I will contact you again, show you the final product and finally, if you don't want me to make any more changes to it, I'll send everything to you.

  • I can only accept money through Paypal.
  • Please try to specify the best about how you want the design to be made. That's why it's custom!.
  • Please always credit [community profile] inconformista or [personal profile] carisma_sensei(i won't watermark the graphics, so you will have to credit).
  • Don't redistribute anything and please don't use my designs to make your own.

    Order form

    -Graphic you want (from the above list):
    -Website / tumblr / dreamwidth url in which you will use my design (if ordering designs):
    -Screen resolution (for wallpapers and designs):
    -Images you want me to work with:
    -Specify how you want your design to be done (size of graphics (width-height), colours, with/without sidebar for layouts, styles, any and all specifications):

    I will get back to you as soon as possible, all comments are screened.

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