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Suggestions post

Here you can make suggestions (colour palettes for layouts, images, ideas, etc). However, this isn't a requests post!!
Requests: I make request posts from time to time. You may ONLY request in such posts. All other requests will be ignored~
If you want something custom made for you:please head to this entry for commissions! If you want to commission a Dreamwidth layout, please ask for details.

-You can suggest colour palettes or ideas you would like to be used on layouts
-Images I would like to see: jrock/kpop/anime/manga/videogames/films. Stock too, but please do credit the owner. For other images, just ask.
-Please always tell me who is on the pictures, in case I don't know.

Please suggest!!
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[personal profile] radria 2013-12-28 03:03 am (UTC)(link)
Just figured I'd drop in and say how I do love your layouts, I've been bouncing between a few different ones lately.

I'd be happy to suggest different images and the like but I think you seem to come up with so many fun ideas and just wanted to say that your layouts are appreciated!
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[personal profile] radria 2013-12-29 12:10 am (UTC)(link)
Well I'm happy to do what I can and I'm happy that you enjoy making layouts!

Well, layouts that are in a series or have a few different shades to pick are pretty neat, like a collection? Ooh, maybe a series of layouts that progress through the day (like one could have a 'dawn' theme and shades of colors that you'd see early in the morning, and others that progress through the day)

I have such trouble deciding what a good layout disposition is myself but something with a simple way to access tags, posts, is always good.

…I wish I could be more helpful; I'll try to think up some more ideas as well!
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[personal profile] radria 2013-12-29 12:39 am (UTC)(link)
Well, I'm happy I could help! And super happy that I could give you ideas!

If you ever want a journal to test with, I'd be happy to help use mine for examples!
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[personal profile] radria 2013-12-29 02:35 am (UTC)(link)
Of course! Happy to be able to help in any way that I can!