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So far so noir

Transmogrified style
1024x768 resolution or above

Click the thumbnail to preview the layout.

Wow! I'm so inspired lately! This layout is inspired by Subvision's So far so noir. I'm really in love with that album it's crazy. So I made a header with a picture of them but you can use whatever header you want, as long as it's 500 x 337 pixels.

Anyway, I hope you like it! I promise next won't be SO noir haha. Go listen to Subvision if you haven't yet and remember that I still have requests open and no one has requested anything, so please go ahead ♥


→Go to the customize page and set your style to Transmogrified. Then save changes.
→Go to customize your theme.
→Sidebar set up:

Go to modules and set up your sidebar like above.
NOTE: Remember to hide all other modules.
→Finally, go to custom css and UNSELECT use layout's stylesheet(s)
Now paste the overrides on the textbox and save the changes.



The header is 500 x 337 in pixels. Please use any header you like as long as it's that size, otherwise it won't look right!

→Here is the image link. Download and upload to you own server, then look for a HEADER indicator in the CSS telling you to change the url and paste it where it belongs :D HEADER IMAGE


→Paste this on your profile as credit for the layout.

Terms of use

-Comments are really appreciated.
-You must credit [community profile] inconformista on your profile if you use this layout. Please don't claim anything as your own.
-Feel free to edit the layout as you like as long as you: 1)Credit me in your profile (with a note that you edited the layout) and 2)Don't use my overrides to create and redistribute any layouts around the internet, they should be for your personal use only, thanks!

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[personal profile] ayebydan 2017-06-02 12:47 am (UTC)(link)
this is beautiful! and i appreciate how in detail your instructions are. i'm not great with codes so it really helps :)