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I'm in the mood for some requests, so please make yours and I'll see if I can fulfill it! Just take into account the following rules:

I. Only subscribers and members can request. You can only request one thing at a time. For icons the max. number you can request is 5.
II. Any subject or fandom allowed (except nsfw).
III. Icons: request up to 5 icons. High quality pictures if possible and describe how you want them.
IV. Headers: be descriptive of which images you want, if you want text on it and how you want it to be. Please tell me the size in pixels (Ex: 500 x 300px).
V. Wallpapers: specify the screen resolution. High quality images if possible. Describe how you want the wallpaper to be, if you want text, which colours you would like and anything else.
VI. No layout requests. If you need customization of one of my layouts or a custom layout made just for you, take a look at my commissions post.
VII. I'll reply to the request message with your stuff once it's finished!

Requests will be posted as I make them. Anyway, please make your requests fairly and thanks for reading ♥
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[personal profile] wendelah1 2017-06-12 01:50 am (UTC)(link)
Hi! Would you be willing to make five icons for Timeless?

I like simple icons. I like fancy icons. Be as creative as you like. You can surprise me. I've tried to find pictures that have the three major characters close enough together that you might be able to make a decent icon with all three in frame.

I am hoping one will work as a user pic for a new Timeless community: [community profile] timeless_lifeboat, but it's not my community, I'm just a member.

This was harder than I expected. Use what works best for you. If none are suitable, let me know and I'll keep searching.

Thanks in advance!

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[personal profile] wendelah1 2017-07-05 10:45 pm (UTC)(link)
Back again! I want to signal boost a challenge community, [community profile] unconventionalcourtship with custom made banners for two or three fandoms. The one I want the most, if your time is limited, is for Timeless. Again. (So obsessed I am...)

The tricky part (for me!) is that there is a template:

It gets pasted together with a picture--somehow--to make banners that look like a bookcover:

This might make a nice promo banner?

I keep waiting for my Photobucket links to disappear, like everyone else's are. They must be rolling this change out little by little. I'm such a piddly account.