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tinny ([personal profile] tinny) wrote in [community profile] inconformista 2017-06-18 03:38 pm (UTC)

Haha, [personal profile] wendelah1 linked me here. :D

The iconmaker community I created is called [community profile] icontalking. It's intended as a hub for iconmakers to talk about ... iconmaking. :D

Our next activity (starting next weekend) is Ask The Maker, so if you enjoy making tutorials and guides, you'll surely have fun participating there.

Promoting a personal community isn't that easy, I know. :/ I haven't really found a good place, either. There are quite a few comms, but they all have less than 50 members, so not exactly wide exposure. [community profile] icontalking allows personal icon comm promos, too. (we also have close to 100 members and they're all active, since the comm is only two months old.)

If you like making icons as part of challenges, check out the list of challenge comms at [community profile] icontalking.

If you like making resources (like textures) or want to share your tutorials, there is [community profile] icon_resources. It's all new, but I'm sure there will be traffic on it as soon as the mod is done setting it up and promoting it.

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