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Hi everyone! Last night I revamped the community a bit, gave it a new layout, profile and icon, everything matching xD It's been a while since I've wanted to code anything so I hope you liked my last layout. I have many more ideas so I'm sure a new layout will be posted soon ^^

In case you are wondering, the design I'm currently using in this community will be posted in the future ♥
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HI! How's everyone doing?? I'm so absent from layout making, I know. But just wanted to tell you that I updated "A day at the park", now the title properly shows in white, I don't know what went wrong there.

Also if you have any suggestions, want to commission me or just have an idea for a layout you would like to see, please let me know! You can find all the links and info in the sidebar :D

I hope to bring you new layouts soon, please be patient~!
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I wanted to wish you a belated Happy New Year! Thanks for supporting me since this layout community was born :3 I hope you enjoy my designs!

And also, I'm here to let you know I'm working on a new layout! I need to fix some details and I'll be needing someone to test it out with resolutions bigger than mine (1440 x 900) to ensure things flow correctly, so if anyone's interested in helping me out, please leave me a message here? If you volunteer I could make you a thing or two in exchange, if you would like (ex.: customizing one of my layouts to your liking, or making you a header or batch of icons).

That's it for now! As always, feel free to make your suggestions! ♥
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Sorry I'm not posting a new layout today, however I have one in the works and should be done soon if I find the inspiration to customize it a little better.

I wanted to remind you that the suggestions post is always open. I have no suggestions but would like some input so if you have the time and have ideas for layouts that you would like to see, please do tell me!


This will keep me motivated and bring me some good ideas for future layouts! Thank you!


Feb. 6th, 2013 03:23 pm
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I thought some of you may want to commission a design from me. In that case please keep reading, thank you!
Examples of my work: You can visit my website, fiction in fiction, as well as browse my Dreamwidth designs here. I also make Tumblr themes.

Dreamwidth layouts
-Customized version of one of my layouts = 3€
-Transmogrified: 10€

Layout headers
-1€ each.

Livejournal layouts
See this post @ LJ.

Website designs
-Fanlisting sets: DIV design + codes (buttons) = 20€.
-Other website designs: 15€ for a DIV design. Special coding like pop-ups, jquery and other scripts should be discussed first, so please leave a comment for more info!
-Link buttons for free upon request.

Tumblr themes
Ask for pricing according to what type of design you want.

Winamp skins
-6€ for each winamp skin. Won't be shared publicly, only you will get to install it.
-You can get a skin + wallpaper set for 7€!

***Won't be shared publicly, only you will get to install!
***Please comment here for more info!



Here you can find layouts for dreamwidth and other codings. I take commissions for layouts (DW, LJ, website, Tumblr) and other graphics. If you are interested in commissioning me, you can see examples of my work in this community and visit this post for more information.
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