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Aug. 8th, 2017 07:16 pm
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This is just to remind you that, while I haven't been coding anything lately for the community, I have a layout I want to post soon and you can also request stuff in the two posts I link you to above! Click the banners to go to the posts ♥

This community is not dead babies. Never will. Until it dies. Which won't happen anytime soon so REJOICE.

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Hi! I joined the current activy at [community profile] icontalking and thought I would let you know about it. It's an ask the maker post where you can ask questions about making icons, effects, tips etc, and the makers will write guides and tutorials about these topics.

My thread is here in case there's anyone interested ^^
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Practicality style
1024x768 resolution or above

Click the thumbnail to preview the layout.

Layout )
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This is my first entry for [community profile] 10variations! I hope you like these icons because I spent quite some time and because it's Agent Cooper! ♥ Haha. Please don't be shy and participate of the challenge in the community :D

Subject: Dale Cooper (Twin Peaks)
Category: TV Show
Image URL: original here
Set of themes used: Set 1

Agent Dale Cooper )
-Credit [community profile] inconformista.
-Please don't alter the icons or claim them as your own.
-Textless icons are not bases.
-Don't directlink. Download and upload to your own server!!


Here you can find layouts for dreamwidth and other codings. I take commissions for layouts (DW, LJ, website, Tumblr) and other graphics. If you are interested in commissioning me, you can see examples of my work in this community and visit this post for more information.
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